About me

This is the blog of Thomas Williams (aka bootlesshacker).

Primarily, this blog is a place for me to publish my Capture the Flag ethical and educational hacking exercises, though I will also publish write ups of CTF’s from other authors, and potentially post about various security topics I find interesting.

I encourage anyone who is interested in cybersecurity to give my CTF’s a go – I’m keen to obtain feedback so I can see what people think about them.

I’m fairly new to CTF exercises myself. I am learning every day, but I have recently been trying various CTF’s on VulnHub and HackTheBox. Follow me on my journey to gaining OSCP certification.

If you have any questions about my CTF’s or just want to get in touch, feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

My progress to OSCP

There are a number of different skills I want to improve on before starting my OSCP certification. Here is my current progress.

Linux Server Administration: 100%
Linux Penetration Testing: 80%
Windows Server Administration: 0%
Windows Penetration Testing: 5%
Python Scripting: 25%
Bash Scripting: 25%

Why ‘Caerdydd’?

Caerdydd (or known as ‘Cardiff’ in English) is my current home city. Caerdydd/Cardiff is the Capital City of Wales.

Social and Profiles

HackTheBox Profile

Discord: bootlesshacker#7300